Salad Saturday Screenshot [15]

Last week we had my own pet city in Cities: Skylines. This week, I couldn’t let the big release go unmarked – I’ve been playing in the city of Los Santos on GTA Online for PC.


Say hello to DigitalSalad GTA style. I really quite like he turned out looking. It can be a bit of a raffle with the funny system of picking your parents and editing the sometimes horrific creation that produces – but DigitalSalad worked out pretty decent!

My very first experience in GTA Online (and I must say so far, fingers crossed, a relatively stable and crash free experience) was intriguing. Me in my suit, looking like something of an accountant spawned into a tutorial mission with two real people who had chosen to be skin-head gangsters. They had the two front seats of a big four by four and I sat in the back. Entering Los Santos in king-pin style or what! Even gangsters do tax returns I guess??

GTA Online has been a genuine pleasure so far. Even been thinking while playing, if it’s not too boring, I’m hoping to make a fairly regular GTA feature where I share an interesting screenshot and story from my time playing as Salad in the red specs. Let me know what you think!

For now though, I’m gonna go watch the amazing view from my newly purchased penthouse near the beaches of Los Santos. See you soon for more Salad happenings.

Digital Salad –


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