Salad Plays GTA Online [1]

I’ve already introduced you to the Grand Theft Auto Digital Salad in last week’s Saturday Screenshot. Now, I wanted to take a little more time to let you know what I’ve been up to now that it’s been a full week since GTA released on PC. I’m going to take you on a journey through my week’s best screenshots! 2015-04-14_00003 So DigitalSalad was spawned late Wednesday night. I gave the game a while to settle in, let the release day crowds die down, and see what it was like once things got a little more normal. So far, no major server or connection problems.

There’s been a few problems I’ve read about, especially with Steam and Rockstar Social not talking to each other (no big surprise really), but so far I’ve been ok.

One thing I will say though is that I haven’t been glitch free. I’ve had a strange glitch every so often, which I think might be server lag related, where I just hover outside the door of a car I’m trying to steal. I got a handy screenshot of it the first time it happened: 2015-04-15_00007 He’ll just stand there and refuse to actually get in the car. The poor owner of it probably thinks DigitalSalad is some kind of mime doing street art.

Another weird glitch has been when I lose in a round job or mission (I’ve lost more than I’ve won, I have to be honest) my screen gets stuck on the losing screen of DigitalSalad looking sad. The game plays on but I can only see glum old DigitalSalad until I’m killed in the next round. Very frustrating, but I’m guessing that’s something to do with the servers as well – that’s apparently what’s causing all the freezing loading screens across the game.

Nothing major broken, but there’s some real frustrating freezes in places. For a big release they’re minor, but they’re still damned irritating.

So, back to the game! I pre-ordered, which gave me a hefty £800,000 to burn on my first character. The first thing I did was buy a high end apartment as soon as I could, so that I had a heist planning room to do heists of my own. I chose one a little bit out of central Los Santos, over towards the beach, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a beautiful apartment which I’m happy to use as my base for the game. Here’s the living room: 2015-04-16_00001 It also came with a very handy 10 car sized garage, which I’ve filled up with these so far: 2015-04-20_00001 I definitely have a liking for the motorbikes of GTA V, but they’re sadly just not as useful as a car for serious missions like Heists. Still, 10 spaces gives me plenty of space to play around with and I have a wishlist of 10 vehicles for my garage which I’m working on. And yeah, I have a van in there ‘cus you never know when that’ll be useful!

Once I tinkered about on the game and got to a high enough level, it was time to use that heist planning room for the first heist – the Fleeca Bank Job. My beautiful pink shotgun saw some action so to speak. I must say, DigitalSalad dressed up pretty well as a bank robber, he really looked the part! 2015-04-18_00005 And … last but not least I cycled down Mount Chiliad – and lived! 2015-04-19_00008 That’s it for this week in GTA Online. Plenty of fun things to talk about, and there’ll probably be plenty more to come, so stay tuned!

 Digital Salad –


3 thoughts on “Salad Plays GTA Online [1]

  1. Will_GSRR April 21, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Unfortunately I’ve been one of the people hit with a bug. I haven’t been able to play for 4 days now… I’m doing a re-install at the moment, but at 60gb, its a bit painful waiting for it. Hopefully it sorts it though.

    From what I did get to play, it was great fun.

    Nice screenshots!

    • Digital Salad April 22, 2015 / 9:03 pm

      Sorry to hear you’ve been one of the unlucky ones, that really sucks. I know quite a few people who’ve had to go through the whole download again … all 60gb – as if that wasn’t a painfully large download the first time round!!

      I hope you get to enjoy it to it’s best soon, make sure to share plenty of stories and screenshots – and thanks for reading 🙂

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