Salad Saturday Screenshot [16]

This Saturday I’m breaking away from Grand Theft Auto and instead going for a very topical game – Democracy 3!


So, right now in the UK it’s all election fever. We vote in a couple of weeks, on May 7th, and for the past month or so it’s been difficult to avoid election this or election that. It all gets a little bit boring – and that’s coming from someone who chose to study politics once upon a time!

If you’re really in to politics and the upcoming election then Democracy 3 might well just be your kinda game. It’s a political simulator, that’s very easy to get to grips with. That might well sound incredibly dull to a lot of people, but fear not! Democracy 3 can actually be fun at the same time. There is a certain fun to be had winning an election so overwhelmingly as I did above (granted, I did have it on super easy mode for laughs).

The most fun I’ve had recently on my quick visits to Democracy 3, and as a side note it is a great game to drop in and out of, has been playing as a totally despotic leader of Russia – no political comment meant by my choice just to make that clear, it was a random choice. With a lot of help from the fantastic community modding network for the game, I managed to reinstall Communism, create a palace full of bodyguards to keep me safe, legalised prostitution and gambling (so long as they paid me some of their profits of course!) and banned religion – ‘cus I’m the only religion you have now!!! 

Perhaps the megolomania of Democracy 3 got to me a little at times on that play through. As yet though, I haven’t been assassinated and I seem to be well liked – not that my people are allowed to say otherwise.

So, if running a corrupt dictatorship or even trying to create a perfect democratic utopia is your kinda thing, you might have some fun along the way with Democracy 3. Not a game to spend hours on, but good fun to mess around with from time to time and to dabble with the amazing range of community mods out there.

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