Salad Saturday Screenshot [17]

This week’s screenshot is back to an old favourite, but with a slight difference. It’s Mount & Blade: With Fire And Sword.



With Fire And Sword was a strange sort of semi-sequel to the big name in the series – Mount & Blade: Warband. With Fire And Sword was more like a giant DLC of Warband, bringing it forward to the age of gunpowder in eastern Europe. Much more story driven, it was a different game built on the core of a game that is still one of my favourites.

With Fire And Sword always sat a bit oddly with me, as I think it does with anyone who’s played through the series. It doesn’t quite fit, and yet it is a Mount & Blade game. Recently though I’ve rediscovered the game and even realised that there’s still life in its always very desolate multiplayer.

Thing is, With Fire And Sword had some of the best multiplayer modes. The pretty much only surviving and living server to this date is one that runs my absolute favourite multiplayer game type on any Mount & Blade game. ‘Captain Co-op’ it’s called. The aim is to hold out against ever more difficult and larger waves of enemies with your allies – real players who each control their own set of troops.

Other Mount & Blades have co-op against bots and commander/captain battles, but only With Fire And Sword mix the two; and it’s great fun!

Here I am as a knight of Sweden, holding out in a castle with what was 30 real players at the time (each with 10 troops under our command). We funnelled the enemies into a courtyard where we could fire down on them and pin them with our infantry – and it carried on that way until we finally broke under their massive numbers. It’s my favourite multiplayer game mode ever, and one I’d really recommend. It’s certainly With Fire And Sword’s saving grace.

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