Salad Plays GTA Online [2]

I’ve already introduced you to DigitalSalad, Grand Theft Auto style, and now it’s time to revisit to show you what else I’ve been up to. 2015-04-25_00007

This screenshot’s probably the best place to start with. The loading screens for GTA Online are crazy, I think my stats are something like nearly half my time in game has been spent in loading screens. Whether that’s after I’ve been kicked from a heist lobby by players who only want elite players with them (I can’t blame them for that if they really want to power through the heists!) or whether its struggling to connect to a stable server of players – every time it’s loading the whole dynamic world.

I can’t help but wonder if there’s a better way to optimise the loading for GTA Online, but I understand why it is like it is. It’s a big, dynamic and beautiful world – it would be a real shame if there was a quick initial load and then you hit a loading wall as you flew over the mountains from the city into the up-state.


In other news, I bought the armoured Kuruma!

It’s become my go-to car for cruising round since then. A good all round vehicle with decent speeds and cornering, added to being almost entirely bullet proof make it the perfect go-to car for GTA Online. That doesn’t stop me being blown up by the wide variety of trolls out there though – many of whom seem to be roaming about in Insurgent APCs dropping grenades and sticky bombs like they were candy. Apart from run-ins with those types, the Armoured Kuruma has stood me in good sted so far!


I became a hipster briefly. The temptation was too great. I now have all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits in my wardrobe!


Things somehow escalated into me running around in my pants robbing stores. I had only just met Trevor at this point, so I’m blaming the Trevor effect for DigitalSalad going so off the rails afterwards!


I tried out some off-roading too. I love the off-roading experience in GTA V and Online. They’ve got the driving realism/arcade balance perfectly right and the scenery is ready to be conquered by your favourite 4×4. This was my first outing in a Karin Rebel I got hold of. It was a little disappointing for one of the player favourite off-roading vehicles, so I’ve since set my sights on getting hold of one of the jeeps the military use – the Merryweather Mesa. It’s still great fun taking the Rebel out to go climb a mountain in the meantime though!


I found quite possibly my favourite race ever. Up to 14 players (we had 6) in a very clustered race for big jets. It was utter carnage – and I’ve never been so pleased to be knocked out of the sky by another player. No weapons, just the brute for of one plane shunting another. Real skill was needed for this one, and it was a real conundrum which plane to choose. I opted for big and brutish one to push everyone out of the way, but the lucky winner had picked a smaller agile jet that managed to avoid our big scuffles and edge out to win it. Definitely would recommend this race!


Last but not least I managed to meet up with a good real life friend, I’ll call him by the name CJ seeing as that’s what he uses in GTA Online, and we caused some serious chaos together. We robbed as many stores as we could with my armoured Kuruma, and then we hatched on an idea to steal a fighter jet from the military base.

CJ hopped into a helicopter and flew in to the military base as low as he could. I’d never managed this before, always going too high and being caught by the base’s brutal anti-air missiles. CJ was a real pro gamer and pulled off the impossible, he flew in just metres off the ground and made it to a fighter jet. We were now set to cause even more chaos.

5 or 10 mins later and I was at Los Santos airport in my armoured Kuruma; CJ circling above. The plan was set and I started us off – gunning down anyone I could see in the aim of getting as high a wanted rating as I could as fast as I could. 4 stars popped up in seconds and I raced across to one of the airport’s hangers to draw in the police and take cover.

Below is the destruction of just one run of CJ in the jet, massacring the hordes of police bearing down on me in the hanger. This is how GTA Online was meant to be played!


That was the finest bit of flying I’ve seen in a video game. It was truly epic to be sat there while CJ strafed the police attacking me. All good things have to come to an end though, and eventually enough rouge bullets caught his plane to bring him crashing down in the sea. Picking him up from miles out at sea was a more difficult challenge though!

 Digital Salad –


3 thoughts on “Salad Plays GTA Online [2]

  1. Tyrannosaurus Eri (@ausj3w3l) May 6, 2015 / 9:46 am

    AHHHhh.. you make me want to pick it up and play it haha. I don’t have time for this

    I was watching a friend play the other day too. On the ps3 and the online components look far better than I thought they would. Yes i’d seen trailers and vids but i was a little sceptical. It’s a huge world, the mechanics are tight, strong player goals to accomplish and completely crazy interactions with others.

    • Digital Salad May 6, 2015 / 6:55 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      GTA is one of those games I think! Honestly, though, it’s more fun to watch or talk about. Actually playing it usually is mainly just loading screens or being trolled :P. I enjoy showing highlights, but it just doesn’t give justice to all those frustrating moments!

      Keep watching others play it and reading what I post about it maybe? If you do get tempted make sure to add me :). Its not too much of a time sink, honest :P.

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