Mount & Blade Challenge

You may have noticed I’m a bit of a Mount & Blade fan. In fact, I’m such a fan that the different versions I have on Steam clock in at nearly 30 days solid of game time – and that’s not including the original which I used to play offline before Warband came out!


In all those many many hours of gameplay I’ve had fantastic fun – the vast majority of which has been online. I’ve played the multiplayer only Napoleonic DLC for Warband as my go-to game, and it’s probably one of my favourites of the series. Thing is, apart from the original Mount & Blade, which I played offline back in the day, I’ve never played the single player campaign without cheats on (I’m a bad person, I know).

What that means is that I only have just slightly over 50% of the achievements on Mount & Blade Warband, which is astounding when you think of the hours I’ve sunk into it over the years.

I’ve decided to change that though. I’m determined.

giphy (4)

I’ve decided to aim for 100% achievement completion. I want to complete Mount & Blade: Warband officially. I think I’m a pretty decent player of it, I just need to cement that with the 100% medal now.

I’ve made a start and done my research. First stop was an incredibly useful guide I found on the Steam community.

I enlisted the help of CakeBoxFox with my last two multiplayer achievements, which I was within grasp of. I needed to kill 5 more mounted real player horseman whilst I was infantry, as well as make roughly 15 real player kills on horseback with a lance. I encouraged CakeBoxFox onto a private multiplayer server, we both picked horsemen and we were away. Much fun ensued (it was far more fun when both of us were in absolutely no armour, making for quick and brutal fighting and many laughs). Me jumping up from the ground to sword slash Fox off her horse ended with me nursing a sword to the crotch – PAINFUL! DigitalSalad somehow survived that ruthless maiming and got both achievements in 30mins or so.

Smiting CakeBoxFox from her horse
Smiting CakeBoxFox from her horse

Next it was on to the singleplayer, and to make a start on the ~40% of achievements I had left to get there.

Mount & Blade Warband has a series of achievements for doing various things in the singleplayer campaign specifically as a female character. So the best advice for a new campaign is to start as a female – and that’s exactly what I did. Meet DigitalSaladette, with cheats absolutely turned off this time.


So far I’ve been busy destroying parties of mountain bandits for an achievement to do with them. After that, I have factions to conquer and a continent to become Queen of – oh, and lords to insult the dignity of too! That’s gonna take a little bit of time, but it feels good to have made a good start towards my 100%. I’m determined to keep going, just like this real player infantry charge on a M&B Napoleonic DLC match recently.


Digital Salad –


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