Salad Saturday Screenshot [20]

Not much of a special milestone, but this week is my 20th weekly Saturday Screenshot. It’s my favourite thing to write and I always look forward to sharing one of my many screenshots – I just hope they’re just as fun to read about!


I’m actually going back to Mount & Blade for this 20th screenshot. I’m sorry I revisit it so much, but I’ve spent so many hours on it, I’m sure you can believe that I have quite a few screenshots of it that I’d like to share!

This screenshot is from the popular and vibrant mod Full Invasion 2. It’s probably the best part of Mount & Blade – the developers have embraced the modding community warmly and given them the tools to go crazy. The community of modders this created is second only to the likes of Skyrim; and Full Invasion 2 is the best of the bunch.

This is a screenshot of one of the mod’s most popular servers – one that runs purely Lord Of The Rings maps. Now, there are some players who play these for hours and hours every day. If they enjoy it that much that’s awesome, but I’m admittedly not that dedicated. However, I sure do enjoy every couple of weeks or so jumping in the Battle for Minas Tirith, which you can see above.

At this point I was a horseman of Rohan and I’d been dismounted in a charge against a big bunch of orcs. I was lucky that the infantry was already carving in to this group, so I had chance to survive. We took most of them down no trouble – the little grunt orcs are notably weak but large in number, true to the world of Middle Earth.

One armoured troll was much tougher than your average orc. I was battered by this point, my shield half gone and my health starting to take knocks. It was me and two infantry backing me up taking this brute on, which can sometimes take a lot of killing. This screenshot reminds me of that epic fight for survival, which we thankfully won. This screenshot reminds me of the best that Mount & Blade can be.

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