Salad Saturday Screenshot [21]

A slight lull since my last post, please forgive me as things have been busy! Without further ado though, straight back into proceedings with my regular Saturday Screenshot feature!



This week’s screenshot is one straight from my adventures on GTA Online. Technically, it isn’t me in the screenshot. Well, the rocket’s mine – fired from my fighter jet. The very scared person on the motorbike is my friend CJ – who I’ve mentioned before. CJ somehow managed to survive this, but not before getting the awesome screenshot.

Playing with friends on GTA Online has been a real blast – as has the extra customisation that comes with Online compared to Singleplayer. This is probably one of my favourite in game ‘jobs’, I forget its name though sadly, but it’s essentially cat and mouse between a motorcyclist and a fighter jet – with some real nail-biting moments along the way.

The one thing I will mention off the topic of the screenshot is the really sad state of most public servers on the PC version of GTA Online right now. It’s become pretty much unplayable for the amount of hackers on these servers. I’ve had it recently where I’ve joined a server where you insta die repeatedly – that’s a hacker trick that’s popular at the moment. I’m now only playing with friends on closed servers or in a solo server if I really want to play in the Online world.

It’s clear that the hackers shouldn’t be doing this, but there’s some blame to go to Rockstar here too for not making the pc version of GTA Online as watertight against hackers and exploiters as it maybe needed to be. The PC community is uniquely well equipped and resourceful at taking advantage of any gaps in the armour of a game. It’s a real shame that ordinary players have the suffer in the meantime while Rockstar hopefully work on a fix.

Besides my slight soap box moment there; I still really highly recommend GTA V and Online for PC, even if right now I would probably stick to servers of people you already know. Here’s hoping it gets better soon.

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