TMGR [1]: One Finger Death Punch

TMGR. Catchy or what? Let me explain what TMGR is first of all! TMGR is short for Twenty Minute Game Review; its a new feature I’m starting up and seeing how it goes.


The original idea was born of my indecisiveness. I’m so indecisive it can sometimes be difficult to even decide whether I like a game or not! It’s a little bit complicated sometimes to work out whether I just like the game or whether I’m enjoying it and it’s making me happy to keep playing it – and the more I think about it the more difficult it can sometimes be to decide.

20 minutes. It’s a nice short amount of time, but enough to get stuck in to the average game. It’s just the right time to drop me in a game. The key is to wrench yourself off when the time’s up and write down exactly what you think of that last 20 minutes.

So far for the games I’ve done it with it’s been incredibly insightful, so here I go with sharing my thoughts on this week’s first TMGR – One Finger Death Punch.


One Finger Death Punch is the perfect place to start with my TMGR. I described it as “quick, easy and awesome” after my 20mins of gameplay.

That’s exactly what One Finger Death Punch is. All you need is a mouse – the game runs entirely off the left and right mouse buttons – so it’s definitely easy. It’s also not much of a step above a mini game – so it’s definitely quick. It’s also a martial arts game – so add that to the quick and the awesome.

Now, the idea of TMGR is to blog about my exact thoughts after the 20mins of gameplay. I wrote that playing One Finger Death Punch is “like eating a takeaway pizza without any of the regret”.


Clearly I was in need of takeaway pizza that day!

It’s a good analogy though. One Finger Death Punch is so much fun and so easy it’s like that takeaway pizza – but it doesn’t leave you with any of the nasty greasy boxes lying around your kitchen. You play it for 20mins and that’s all you need, you leave it there and it sits there happily until you want to feel that buzz again – and it sure does have a big takeaway-pizza-style buzz when you’re on a good run.

Talking of which, I had a fantastic run during my 20mins. I got an absolutely perfect ‘Platinum’ score on a round type that I find fiendishly difficult – where the speed keeps getting faster and faster until you’ve defeated everyone. Not one bad guy got any damage on me and I had some amazing combos going.

This was also where the 20mins ended, which left me on a real high. I think usually I would’ve probably kept on playing – like the gambler who just can’t cash-in after their big win. So that’s the benefits of the 20mins right there – teaching me to quit while I’m ahead.

Essentially, One Finger Death Punch is awesome in small doses, but never play it for more than roughly 30mins. It definitely helps that the mouse button controls are incredibly simple to pick back up, so there’s no excuse to drop and pick up the game whenever you fancy.


As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a special lightsaber round!

Last but not least with my review, it’s time to give it a score.

This is a very rare thing for me, but I’m going to give One Finger Death Punch a perfect 5/5 based on the 20 minutes of game play I had with it. I’d really recommend picking it up, especially as it’s only about £4 on Steam. Just don’t feel bad picking it up and dropping it regularly – that’s exactly what it’s made for.


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