Salad Saturday Screenshot [22]

Another week and time for another screenshot. This week it’s a screenshot from the newly released Lego Worlds.


Lego Worlds is amazing.

I’ve got to admit to being a huge Lego fan as a kid, and this game brings my childhood rushing back. It’s an open world of Lego, where you can build whatever you want with endless Lego resources. It’s the game I needed all those years ago as a Lego crazy kid – but it’s a game I never knew I needed in my life now.

It’s so much fun. Pure clean fun at that, and I don’t get enough of that in my video games these days.

This screenshot’s a bit of a sad one though. This is my first building when I dropped into a random map on the game. I found the nearest hill and started building. It had a tree on the top so I thought to myself – why not make a house built around it? It was fantastic fun to build and, although nothing much to look at really, it was a work of art to me because it was my creation.

The sad part is that I got in an airplane shortly after this screenshot and went exploring the map. In my exploring fervour I lost my bearings and have completely lost where this house was. A rookie mistake, but sad none-the-less. I’ve got this screenshot to remember it by at least; my modest little hilltop house.

I’ve learnt a lot about the game since then. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, just like with Lego in the real world, and I’m making a house that looks much better, is much bigger and fancier – and that I won’t lose! In good time I’m hoping to post a screenshot of that one too, but it’s still a work in progress at the moment.

Lego Worlds is amazing, and a game that it’s a real pleasure to spend hours and hours in. I’d really recommend it.

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