TMGR [2]: Door Kickers

Onwards with the 20min game reviews! This week it’s ‘Door Kickers’.


Door Kickers was another good game to start my TMGR journey with.

My first comments after the 20 minutes were “it’s a really good game that relives some of my favourite free online games of my teenage gaming years”. It’s pretty similar to One Finger Death Punch from TMGR [1] in that way, just that the levels are a little bit longer.

Door Kickers is essentially a swat simulator which you play from the overhead view – plotting your swat team’s path to hopefully take all the ‘bad guys’ down, lose none of the ‘good guys’ and save all the hostages/defuse all the bombs. It’s really simple and satisfying.

Door Kickers is also satisfyingly quick and easy. In particular I loved a mission where you have to breach a plane that’s been taken, with lots of hostages and a bomb with only 1 minute 30 seconds on the timer.


That’s a screenshot of me half way through clearing the plane – dead hostage takers are the black chalk outlines and my guys and moving up ready to breach the room with the bomb.

I think I enjoyed this mission because it was so quick. Even though it did take longer than 1min 30secs (the game lets you pause to plan your moves) it was never more than 5mins at the most.

The trouble with Door Kickers is, which I soon realised into my 20 minutes, is that, like most free online games, it has a bit of a shelf life. By the end of the 20 minutes I was honestly bored. There’s only so many times I could breach that plane before it was getting too repetitive; and once you’ve done a dozen of the missions once you’ve done them all.

I wrote that it’s “done it’s job; I’ve enjoyed it, but it’s time to let it go on to the graveyard of all those online games I played as a teenager”.

giphy (1)

I’d gone from happy Kanye to grumpy Kanye in just 20 minutes.

That’s definitely not a bad thing though, and I still think Door Kickers is a great game. It does what it does brilliantly and it’s great fun, it just isn’t a game you keep installed for very long. In fact, I uninstalled it after my 20 minute review because it helped me decide that I was bored of it – so plus one to the TMGR for helping me be decisive!

All that said, I do have to give every game a rating based purely on the 20 minutes of play.

I’m going to give Door Kickers 2.5/5. I think that’s maybe a little bit harsh, but its mainly because it got boring so fast in the 20mins. I’d definitely recommend it, especially as it’s in the Steam Sale for just £4 at the moment, but don’t go in expecting quite the same level of awesomeness that you’d get from One Finger Death Punch for the same price.


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