2015 Steam Summer Sale – What Happened?

The dust has settled and the 2015 Steam Summer Sale – one of the most lauded annual events in the PC gaming calendar – is officially over. Time to have a look at what happened.


For the uninitiated into the cult of the steam sale – have a read of my blog from this time last year.

Watching the deals pass me by this year, I started thinking. This year felt different, and at first I thought it was just me, but then I saw posts popping up on the likes of Reddit’s r/gaming as well as a post by The Ancient Gaming Noob.

Something has felt different this year – and that’s how uninspired I was by the whole thing.

A big part of this for me on a personal level is that I’ve been spoilt by the likes of Humble Bundle massively discounting games every so often. I’ve gotten used to very occasionally paying a tiny price for a game – the trade off being how long I have to wait for a deal that might never turn up!



TAGN’s blog got me wondering more though. Maybe I just have so many games sitting there unfinished that I’m not so drawn to these shiny offers anymore?

Seeing as the sale seems to have been a bit of a downer from most reports I’ve seen so far, there has to be an element of this alongside the not-so-special pricing discounts. TAGN has something like 1780 continuous hours of gaming left if he wanted to complete his entire game collection. Mine isn’t far behind at 1551 hours – which I’m reliably informed is the time it would take to watch every single episode of Star Trek, plus every movie, twice over.


These days I wonder whether I’d rather watch Star Trek twice over (or maybe something else more productive with my time). That’s probably just a sign of me growing old and grumpy, but there’s also a deeper theme in there. There’s such a glutton of cheap games, pretty much every gamer I know has well over 1000 hours worth of games to churn through; and some even have vastly more hours than that. I think we’ve maybe all reached the point where we’re a bit pickier about the games that we play because we already have so many.

I find myself less likely to buy a new game these days, even if I could afford it. A game’s got to wow me a lot for me to spend even £20 (less than half the release day RRP of big name game). That’s both because I’ve been spoilt by so many cheap deals out there all the time, but also because I already have an impossibly large amount of games to churn through.

I don’t really know what can be done about it, but I can see it hurting the sales of the gaming companies and of Steam if this really is a trend.

Let me know what you think by commenting.

 Digital Salad – lifeasadigitalsalad.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “2015 Steam Summer Sale – What Happened?

  1. Will_GSRR June 23, 2015 / 10:47 am

    I normally only buy games the get under £5 in the sales unless they are ones I’ve been following for a while or just a great bargain.

    I think I bought about 10 games, I can’t actually remember… But that was probably only around £25 in total.

    • Digital Salad June 27, 2015 / 10:09 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      That sounds like a good general rule to go with. I hardly ever find myself spending over £10 on any games these days. I hope you’re having fun playing all your steam sale haul!

  2. lincolnmohan June 23, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    I only buy games on sale which feature multilayer for the extra value, but I also think that has distracted me from completing the main single campaigns which I should really get back to finishing..

    • Digital Salad June 27, 2015 / 10:11 pm

      Thanks for the comment!

      I find multiplayer really drags me away from the main campaigns and always feel guilty about it. I guess games don’t expect you to do SP anymore – they’re all very MP focused. I still feel bad though, maybe its old gaming habits instilled in me too much!

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