Salad Saturday Screenshot [24]

This screenshot is a little late in the day for a very good reason – it was captured not an hour or two ago! I feel it should be accompanied by a success kid meme.


This is GTA Online Digital Salad during a cut scene of the second GTA Heist – the prison escape. I’m playing a prisoner, smuggled in with another player pretending to be a guard. Another player circles in a stolen plane waiting to pick us up, and the last heist member circles in an attack helicopter. We need to break out the guy in glasses safely.

For whatever reason this heist has been a sticking point for me. I’ve done it so many times with loads of different people, from level 9 up to level 140ish. Every damned time we failed – sometimes for reasons I couldn’t even fathom. A few times I had people disconnect, and plenty more rage quit. I like to think the rage quitting wasn’t usually because of my work!

I always tried my best, but it wasn’t good enough to get the “hiest complete” message pop up I was eager for.

Tonight I’ve finally managed it though and finished the heist, so I’m really chuffed! I never thought it was possible for a long while, but I kept working at it, and my persistence eventually paid off!

Digital Salad –


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