Salad Saturday Screenshot [26]

A new game for my blog this week – Diablo 3. Screenshot001

I’m relative newcomer to Diablo 3, but CakeBoxFox has been a long time fan. There’s bits of Diablo I don’t like, but don’t get me wrong, I can definitely get behind slaughtering hordes of monsters!

This screenshot is from my first Greater Rift, some real top difficulty end game content. I’m the dazzling purple lady wizard in the middle, CakeBoxFox is the buff monk to my right, and the scary witch-doctor on the left is the one who willingly dragged us like an anchor holding him back the whole way through and is our real life friend TheDope.

I’m pretty amateur compared to many players, especially our guide TheDope. Still, I had a lot of fun, and many mobs were slain in true Diablo style.

The main thing I did learn though, is that my first class choice, the Wizard, whilst fun, is just not for me. I’m already over half way there to levelling up a very melee focused barbarian for completely different feel. But here’s to my first top level character and my first greater rift!

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