TMGR [5]: Spintires


I think that Spintires is a really good game. It’s an off-roading simulator, and I do really enjoy off-roading in games, particularly in GTA V at the moment.

I loaded into the game pretty quickly and decided to play on a map called ‘The Flood’. It basically does what it says, it’s a flooded countryside area, where your task is to deliver supplies to areas that need it in specially off-road adapted lorries.

I tried to cross the massive flooded river in the first lorry I had available and it ended as you might guess:


That blue lorry half submerged in that picture was my first attempt.

Time to try again in my back up lorry. I tried encourage the other lorry out, but it just wouldn’t budge. So I thought I’d give crossing another go – trying to keep as closely to the submerged road as possible so that I didn’t sink in the mud.

Almost entirely predictably, I ended up stuck in the mud again when I slightly left the road for a moment.

And that was it, 20mins over. 20mins and all I’d managed to do was get two lorries stuck in a flooded river!

Spintires, whilst a great game, is too tough for a decent 20mins of gameplay. I think that’s potentially the curse of being a simulator game. Simulators eat up your time greedily, without so much as even a guarantee of anything coming out of all that time. You could well come out of 2 hours of Spintires and still not have crossed that river.

These 20mins reviews have helped me to understand a lot more about what I like in a game. It’s helped me realise that whilst I enjoy time greedy games, and Spintires is a great example, I don’t enjoy the feeling afterwards when I haven’t accomplished much for all the time spent on the game.

I’m not afraid to admit that I prefer the quick and simple arcade style off-roading to be had in GTA V to Spintires. That’s not so much a reflection on Spintires as a game, but more about me getting to know what I like and going with that.

All that aside, it’s time for the score as always. Trouble is, it’s a little trickier than usual this time because it’s the first TMGR that I uninstalled afterwards. I decided Spintires wasn’t really adding much special that wasn’t already covered in my gaming library.

That said, Spintires is still a great game, that’s really well made by a dedicated development team; I’ve just recognised that it wasn’t for me.

Given all that, I’ll give Spintires a 2.5/5.



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