Salad Saturday Screenshot [30]

Time for another Saturday Screenshot! This time it’s one from the PS4 collection, from my time playing Assassin’s Creed Unity on Cake Box Fox’s account. We finished the game probably about a month ago now and had a great time with it. Here’s a screenshot:

Assassin's Creed® Unity_20150904183755

Here I am early on in my play through as the Assassin Arno, on a Paris rooftop hanging out with a feline friend that I found.

I thought the occasional cats I found in my play through of Unity were a really nice little touch. What was probably a small afterthought of the developer’s does a world of good in making the game world feel alive.

I for one always enjoyed taking a screenshot of myself with cats whenever I saw them. This one promptly ran off not long after the screenshot.

Talking of Assassins Creed, I’ve been having great fun in the newly released Assassins Creed Syndicate – this time based in London. I love the inter-play between the Frye twins and the London setting is well executed, interesting and alive. I’m planning on doing a blog once I’m finished with it, but for now I’m having far too much fun taking over London as the leader of the Rooks.

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [29]

I’ve always loved my Saturday Screenshot feature, and I’m bringing it back with a favourite screenshot from my recent gaming.

This is a screenshot from Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars. One of the most popular servers these days is the role-play server – which has a very strict set of rules. You have one life per round, and two armies of real players fight each other to the death. You have to follow your officer (unless they get killed, as they often do!) and you can’t kill surrenderers.

Needless to say, the role-play server requires a heck of a lot of admins to keep 200 unruly players in check. When it works, it can work wonderfully. Other times, I just skip on by and head to my absolute favourite server – the bot server, where you hold out against bot hordes with other players.

Anyway; this screenshot is from one of the best battles I’ve been part of on the role-play server. I played as standard French line infantry and followed my officer (like the well behaved player I am!) and he led us across a bridge over a river dividing the battlefield in half. Immediately over the bridge was the wooden hut you can see on the left of the screenshot.

There were roughly 20-30 of us hunkered down in there. However, the entire bulk of our Austrian opponents had spotted us and were coming right at us. Majorly out numbered and well within range of their artillery, it looked futile.

Needless to say, we managed to hold out bravely despite the odds – and this screenshot is just as we’ve emerged from our hut having broken their attack. Just a handful of Austrians remain to chase down. Definitely one of my best gaming moments!

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [28]

The week it’s a screenshot from Napoleon: Total War.


I recently loaded up Napoleon: Total War again for the first time in a long while to do a 20min review (soon to be posted!). I’d missed the game and jumped straight back in with a naval battle.

I love the naval battles of Total War and especially taking on huge enemy fleets in my tough little ironclads.

In this case I’d picked 4 British iron clads against a super strong fleet of a dozen or so top of the line French ships. Massively out gunned – it was always going to be a tough fight and just what I was looking for.

This screenshot gives you a bit of a flavour of how it all ended. One of my ships caught a cannon ball to it’s magazine pretty early on and went up in a giant blast. It was even more of an uphill struggle as my 3 remaining ships took broadside after broadside from the French line – hundreds of cannon balls pounding away at my much smaller ships.

A good few French ships surrendered, and their Admiral fully sank, but it was too much punishment for my plucky little ironclad ships. This screenshot’s what happened to the flagship and Admiral Digital Salad on board. It was definitely an exciting battle, even if I ended up sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic!

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [27]

This week’s screenshot is from GTA V.


That’s me doing one of the things I enjoy the most on the game – taking my off-road vehicles and tearing around the swamplands in them until they’re completely broken. In this case, my car had lasted most of the way across the river pretty much totally submerged before cutting out just then when it was within reach of the opposite bank. So close, yet so far.

That’s the other reason I decided to choose this screenshot for this week, because it’s a nice illustration of how I’m feeling about GTA at the moment. I feel like I’m starting to drift away from it. I’ve had some fun on my own, I’ve had some great fun with friends. I’ve even very occasionally had fun with random people I met in the game! I’ve now got to the same stage as a lot of people though, and I’m fading away from it.

The game is fantastic, but as it stands it’s just like my car – broken down within reach of dry land. Such a good game, but the completely free hand that hackers have online is ruining the experience. Any server you join will have a hacker either spawning millions of dollars, or killing everyone for the giggles. The hackers operate with impunity, and it’s just not fun any more as a consequence. I really hope they fix it, and fix it soon, but it doesn’t look like things will change soon.

As for me, I’ll keep going with GTA for the time being, but I fear that I might be completely going off it. I’ve recently done a 20minute review of the game though, which I’m hoping to publish in the next week or so, and I have so many screenshots I might also do a special bumper Saturday Screenshot of my favourites at some point. So keep tuned!

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [26]

A new game for my blog this week – Diablo 3. Screenshot001

I’m relative newcomer to Diablo 3, but CakeBoxFox has been a long time fan. There’s bits of Diablo I don’t like, but don’t get me wrong, I can definitely get behind slaughtering hordes of monsters!

This screenshot is from my first Greater Rift, some real top difficulty end game content. I’m the dazzling purple lady wizard in the middle, CakeBoxFox is the buff monk to my right, and the scary witch-doctor on the left is the one who willingly dragged us like an anchor holding him back the whole way through and is our real life friend TheDope.

I’m pretty amateur compared to many players, especially our guide TheDope. Still, I had a lot of fun, and many mobs were slain in true Diablo style.

The main thing I did learn though, is that my first class choice, the Wizard, whilst fun, is just not for me. I’m already over half way there to levelling up a very melee focused barbarian for completely different feel. But here’s to my first top level character and my first greater rift!

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [25]

A quarter of a century of Screenshot Saturdays. That sounds far more epic a milestone than it really is, but needless to say I’m marking it in style with the wonderfully ‘unique’ game Mount Your Friends.


Mount Your Friends is a truly wonderful game. It’s everything I love about the Indie games industry – quirky to it’s core.

The game’s described as “a fiercely competitive sporting event for you to play with your friends in the contextual security of your own home, assuming that your home is not composed of sexual innuendo”. The sexual innuendo bit is the real crux of the game.

Take out the sexual innuendo and it’d be a good game, but not particularly noteworthy. Add in the innuendo and you have an instantly memorable classic. Without going into too many details for fear of falling foul of any digital decency filters – Mount Your Friends has a particular attention to detail for the physics of a certain male body part amongst other features. I’ll say no more for now!

The screenshot above will give you a bit of a flavour of what I’m on about though. Team Digital Salad are the hairy gentlemen on the left, and team CakeBoxFox is the very scary blue alien team on the right.

I can’t remember the last time a game made me laugh as much as this one did. Truly wonderful, as well as a handy way of settling disputes between you and your friends. The only downside to it is the big advantage the person who goes first gets; following players are always playing catch up to try and get higher than them and win the game when the other can’t match their height.

Buy Mount Your Friends for yourself and any friends! It’ll be worth it! Just maybe don’t make a character as scary as CakeBoxFox’s.

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [24]

This screenshot is a little late in the day for a very good reason – it was captured not an hour or two ago! I feel it should be accompanied by a success kid meme.


This is GTA Online Digital Salad during a cut scene of the second GTA Heist – the prison escape. I’m playing a prisoner, smuggled in with another player pretending to be a guard. Another player circles in a stolen plane waiting to pick us up, and the last heist member circles in an attack helicopter. We need to break out the guy in glasses safely.

For whatever reason this heist has been a sticking point for me. I’ve done it so many times with loads of different people, from level 9 up to level 140ish. Every damned time we failed – sometimes for reasons I couldn’t even fathom. A few times I had people disconnect, and plenty more rage quit. I like to think the rage quitting wasn’t usually because of my work!

I always tried my best, but it wasn’t good enough to get the “hiest complete” message pop up I was eager for.

Tonight I’ve finally managed it though and finished the heist, so I’m really chuffed! I never thought it was possible for a long while, but I kept working at it, and my persistence eventually paid off!

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [23]

I feel kind of bad to re-visit it, but it’s the game I have by far the most screenshots of – and there’s so many I want to share! This week it’s a Mount & Blade screenshot again – sorry!


I’d say that you should probably listen to this while looking at this screenshot to fully appreciate it. I think I was playing Scotland the Brave at the time, right in full view of the enemy’s guns and I didn’t give a damn. I didn’t die once – I don’t know if they were showing me mercy and not shooting at me or I just had some Scottish luck.

Its a perfect example of why I love Mount & Blade. I didn’t kill anyone on that round and it didn’t matter, I had all the fun I could ever want being a bagpiper inspiring my comrades on.

I really like this screenshot, I find it kinda inspirational – without wanting to overdo it! Here’s to standing up brave and strong for whatever you believe in.

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [22]

Another week and time for another screenshot. This week it’s a screenshot from the newly released Lego Worlds.


Lego Worlds is amazing.

I’ve got to admit to being a huge Lego fan as a kid, and this game brings my childhood rushing back. It’s an open world of Lego, where you can build whatever you want with endless Lego resources. It’s the game I needed all those years ago as a Lego crazy kid – but it’s a game I never knew I needed in my life now.

It’s so much fun. Pure clean fun at that, and I don’t get enough of that in my video games these days.

This screenshot’s a bit of a sad one though. This is my first building when I dropped into a random map on the game. I found the nearest hill and started building. It had a tree on the top so I thought to myself – why not make a house built around it? It was fantastic fun to build and, although nothing much to look at really, it was a work of art to me because it was my creation.

The sad part is that I got in an airplane shortly after this screenshot and went exploring the map. In my exploring fervour I lost my bearings and have completely lost where this house was. A rookie mistake, but sad none-the-less. I’ve got this screenshot to remember it by at least; my modest little hilltop house.

I’ve learnt a lot about the game since then. I’ve learnt from my mistakes, just like with Lego in the real world, and I’m making a house that looks much better, is much bigger and fancier – and that I won’t lose! In good time I’m hoping to post a screenshot of that one too, but it’s still a work in progress at the moment.

Lego Worlds is amazing, and a game that it’s a real pleasure to spend hours and hours in. I’d really recommend it.

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Salad Saturday Screenshot [21]

A slight lull since my last post, please forgive me as things have been busy! Without further ado though, straight back into proceedings with my regular Saturday Screenshot feature!



This week’s screenshot is one straight from my adventures on GTA Online. Technically, it isn’t me in the screenshot. Well, the rocket’s mine – fired from my fighter jet. The very scared person on the motorbike is my friend CJ – who I’ve mentioned before. CJ somehow managed to survive this, but not before getting the awesome screenshot.

Playing with friends on GTA Online has been a real blast – as has the extra customisation that comes with Online compared to Singleplayer. This is probably one of my favourite in game ‘jobs’, I forget its name though sadly, but it’s essentially cat and mouse between a motorcyclist and a fighter jet – with some real nail-biting moments along the way.

The one thing I will mention off the topic of the screenshot is the really sad state of most public servers on the PC version of GTA Online right now. It’s become pretty much unplayable for the amount of hackers on these servers. I’ve had it recently where I’ve joined a server where you insta die repeatedly – that’s a hacker trick that’s popular at the moment. I’m now only playing with friends on closed servers or in a solo server if I really want to play in the Online world.

It’s clear that the hackers shouldn’t be doing this, but there’s some blame to go to Rockstar here too for not making the pc version of GTA Online as watertight against hackers and exploiters as it maybe needed to be. The PC community is uniquely well equipped and resourceful at taking advantage of any gaps in the armour of a game. It’s a real shame that ordinary players have the suffer in the meantime while Rockstar hopefully work on a fix.

Besides my slight soap box moment there; I still really highly recommend GTA V and Online for PC, even if right now I would probably stick to servers of people you already know. Here’s hoping it gets better soon.

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