Quick Update

I’ve been appallingly bad at blogging over the past couple of months. What can I say, life gets busy some times!

In the world of all things Digital Salad, I’ve been promoted at work. I’m now officially a Manager in charge of a team. Not bad at the tender age of 24, but now it’s the hard work of actually proving I can do it!

giphy (12)

Work hasn’t been the only thing I’ve been up to though. Although I’ve got the time to game, and even the money to put into it if I wanted to, I’ve been more and more of a ‘filthy’ casual gamer recently. I’m still in a bit of a transition with my gaming, but a quick run down of what’s been happening:

  1. I uninstalled GTA V pretty spontaneously back in August and haven’t looked back since. I took a hard look at whether I was actually having fun and decided it was far from it! Not to say it’s not a good game, I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I uninstalled it and haven’t looked back, I’ve not wanted to play it for even a second since – which is far less regrets that I thought I’d have about it.
  2. Guild Wars 2 has made a come back! I’ve reinstalled it and been playing it for the first time in two years. Not that much has changed and I’m really enjoying taking it easy and playing a little bit here and there. giphy (1)
  3. I’m also really looking forward to the full release of Prison Architect this Tuesday. I’ve been following the game in alpha for ages and it’s great to see it finally reach the finish line. I’m looking forward to setting up a new prison full of gangs and (most likely) a lot of chaos.
  4. We’ve also invested in a PS4. A little late to the party, but better late than never! We’ve been really enjoying getting back on to the console gaming train. In particular we’ve been enjoying Assassin’s Creed Unity, which although rightly ridiculed for being so buggy on release, is without a doubt the most fun Assassins Creed game to date if you ask me. I’m really enjoying powering through it, and the multiplayer is even quite fun!
  5. Now that we have a PS4 I’ve also been looking into the many games which are slated for release prior to christmas. I’m definitely interested in Assassins Creed Syndicate and Star Wars Battlefront, as well as some others, but I’m going to wait and see how they’re received on release. I’m a patient gamer these days! giphy (2)

That’s the run down of my gaming, but I’ve been up to far more besides! I’ve been reading Joe Abercrombie’s first book The Blade Itself. I originally discovered the series from the stand-alone sequel The Heroes – which is one of my favourite books ever. I thought it would be a good idea to read some more of Abercrombie’s stuff and I’ve not regretted it at all – I love Abercrombie’s fantasy worlds. I’m hoping to do a review once I’ve finished it.

I’ve also been watching Star Trek Deep Space 9 on DVD. I’ve blogged before about my love of Star Trek The Next Generation since childhood. Aside from TNG I’ve only watched the occasional episode of other series in the canon, so I’ve set to watching Deep Space 9. It’s no Next Generation, and Sisko is no Picard, but its been fun. I’m also hoping to do a blog post about my thoughts on Deep Space 9 once I’ve finished it as well! 
giphy (3)

Last but not least, Life As A Digital Salad has a new look which I’m excited about! Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me soon.

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Goodbye 2014 & A Happy New Year

It can’t have escaped your notice (although it nearly did mine!) that it’s the last day of 2014. Here’s goodbye to 2014 and hello to the new year.

giphy2015. I like the ring of it as a number if that counts for anything!

2014 was an interesting year though. In the blogosphere alone it was Digital Salad’s first full year of flow, clocking in a pretty astonishing 12,317 views as of right now. Thank you to every one of my readers (although probably half of those views were me rechecking for typos!).

2014’s most popular post by far was my original post about Skyrim, bemoaning it’s failings on the Xbox 360 and how I hadn’t been capture by it’s charm. Funnily enough for my most popular post, it’s one I don’t agree with so much any more. I own Skyrim on the PC now, and as many of my wonderful commenters suggested, it is leagues better on that platform.

On a side note, although my first Skyrim post was technically posted in 2013, most of it’s views were in 2014, so I’ll let it off this time!

giphy (1)

Enough of looking back to 2014 though. 2015 lies ahead in just a few hours.

Like every year it will have it’s ups and downs, but hopefully there will be plenty of good news for everybody.

Personally, I’m hoping Life As A Digital Salad will continue to grow onwards in 2015 and that everyone will still enjoy my postings, as random as they can sometimes be.

Wishing you all a happy New Year.

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New Feature – Salad Saturday Screenshots!

Exciting news! I pretty spontaneously decided on a new feature for the blog. Every Saturday (or as near as I can!) I will be posting a screenshot from a game I’ve been playing. Essentially, I have way too many screenshots on my computer, so posting some favourites every so often is a good way to go through them whilst sharing some of my favourite gaming experiences.

Saturdays will now be Salad Saturday Screenshot days!

Here’s this week’s to kick things off (imagine it’s Saturday just this once – it’s too brilliant an alliteration to pass on).


A screenshot from a couple of weeks ago on Mount & Blade Warband – Napoleonic Wars DLC. A battle of ancient foes and occasional friends; Great Britain vs France. Here the victorious defending French, including myself, survey the field of dead British, whilst holding their musician prisoner (left corner in grey). We fought really well that time and had a great team spirit going.

Sadly I can’t capture the team spirit in a picture, but this screenshot brings that back, one of the best parts of any game is its sense of team and community.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the new feature!

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New Salad Things

This blog’s more of an update with what’s happening with me than anything else. Apologies if that bores anybody to tears!


There’s lots of new things to share. Life has been busy as ever, and that’s why posting is a little slower than I’d like. I’ve been trying to keep posts to a minimum of 1 a week but I’m hoping to find time for more than that.

So what has been keeping me busy?

Well, I no longer work in a bank.

giphy (2)

The bank was great fun, but the time had come to move on big and better things. That said, I will forever have an irrational hatred of loose change thanks to that job. I won’t be free of that baggage for a very long time!

I now work in a hospital!

All very exciting news and it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to work.

My school was the type of school where if you said “I want to work in a hospital” they’d go “doctor” and force you into endless Biology and Chemistry tutoring. Sadly, I’m no expert at Biology or Chemistry, but I do have people skills and desire to help people.

The average hospital has several thousand employees, and only a tiny fraction of them are doctors. I’m now one of the, often maligned, back office staff who keeps the NHS running.

Without going into details, its great. I’m living my own personal Scrubs…. well, maybe not quite that.

giphy (5)

Its definitely better than the bank though. The people are generally more reasonable in the hospital as well. People get angrier about money than they do about their health. It’s a funny world out there.

One thing I will say though, talking of Scrubs, is that surgeons really do lack people skills – just like the show always said.

It’s a slightly different work-life balance (if anything slightly better on the life side which is good!) but it’s taking a little adjusting to. Adult life can sometimes feel a little like this with so many things to balance at once:

giphy (1)

Hopefully it’ll all go fine though and i’ll soon get used to my extra spare time. Hopefully some of that can go into some more blogs as well!

I’ve been walking to work with this new job, which is a nice change. I no longer have to take a grim bus journey, that should only take 10mins but because it’s rush hour takes at least 30mins.

Walking through fairly nice streets, listening to my music is the perfect way to start and end a working day. It gives you a kind of mental buffer between the office and home which is fantastic.

giphy (6)

I’m planning to get up to some exciting things in the near future as well which I will most likelu have something to blog about from. In the meantime, keep having fun!

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Social Salad

You may have noticed I’ve been a little late to a certain party; the social media party. Digital Salad is an identity I’ve, so far, restricted to this blog and as my gamer identity. Today that’s all going to change. In the spirit of Digital Salad, I’m going to keep things crisp and fresh by taking a leap into the social unknown.


So, I admit, I’ve been a social media-phobe so far through life.

Personally, I have a facebook account that I use very rarely and that’s basically it. I’ve never really had much need for much social media. On a personal level I’m more the kind of person to have a few close friends than a larger group of friends – so all I’ve ever needed was a mobile.

I’ve begun to see a use for social media though; to help Digital Salad get a louder voice on the internet airwaves and keep in touch with all the blogging friends I’ve made. So, I’m taking the plunge and setting up some social media accounts for Life As A Digital Salad.


What’s the harm in it after all?

You can now find Digital Salad out there, live and posting.

You’ll find me under @ADigitalSalad on Twitter. Maybe more accounts will follow on sites across the net, but for now at least, Twitter is enough to get to know at once. It’ll take some time, probably a few mishaps, but the Digital Salad is becoming a more social Salad today!

It’s all very exciting, so stay tuned while things keep on changing upwards here.

Digital Salad – lifeasadigitalsalad.wordpress.com