Salad Saturday Screenshot [30]

Time for another Saturday Screenshot! This time it’s one from the PS4 collection, from my time playing Assassin’s Creed Unity on Cake Box Fox’s account. We finished the game probably about a month ago now and had a great time with it. Here’s a screenshot:

Assassin's Creed® Unity_20150904183755

Here I am early on in my play through as the Assassin Arno, on a Paris rooftop hanging out with a feline friend that I found.

I thought the occasional cats I found in my play through of Unity were a really nice little touch. What was probably a small afterthought of the developer’s does a world of good in making the game world feel alive.

I for one always enjoyed taking a screenshot of myself with cats whenever I saw them. This one promptly ran off not long after the screenshot.

Talking of Assassins Creed, I’ve been having great fun in the newly released Assassins Creed Syndicate – this time based in London. I love the inter-play between the Frye twins and the London setting is well executed, interesting and alive. I’m planning on doing a blog once I’m finished with it, but for now I’m having far too much fun taking over London as the leader of the Rooks.

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Mulling Over Assassin’s Creed

A certain video gaming series is quite noisy at the moment. What with AC: Rogue now out and Unity imminent; eyes are already starting to look towards the future plans of Ubisoft.


With the series at something of a peak, I wanted to share my thoughts on Assassins Creed present, old and future.

I’ve played Assassins Creed since its earnest beginning 7 years ago. I loved the original AC, a game which had an unexpectedly open world and wide variety in gameplay – with a refreshingly new concept. On the whole, the missions of the original AC would allow you to complete the mission how you saw fit; you’ve got a target to find in an area, so long as they’re dead it don’t really matter how.

That’s the kind of game I wanted Assassins Creed to always be, along a similar vein to its video gaming cousin Hitman. A series where you complete the mission your way and you get a score to let you know how stealthy or otherwise you’ve been.

Assassins Creed just isn’t like that anymore. ACIII and IV were beautiful games with amazing cinematic components – but they were just that – cinematic. They were games of cut-scenes and missions that had to be done a certain way just for the cut-scene to make sense. The freedom was lost along the way.

It’s a really sad thing to see with such a promising concept. Its such a strong concept that I’ve played every game up to and including AC IV.



I’ve enjoyed every game at that as well – despite being endlessly frustrated with increasing handholding and gimmicky armoury additions.

But, what of AC Rogue and Unity?

Well, Rogue is a little to much like a DLC for AC IV for my liking, so I’m probably going to pass on that one.

Unity, though, offers something new. The online co-op definitely takes my interest; although I really wished they’d of put local co-op in as well – but that’s more of a personal gripe with next generation gaming. That said; not including a female-playable option for this mode was a big PR mistake that worries me more generally about just how much customisation there really will be in the game.

Otherwise, Unity looks like a good offering. The time jumping aspect of the story might, finally, be interesting and the world looks set to be livelier than ever.

I probably will play Unity at some point, but part of me knows deep down that it won’t have the open world I’m really holding out for – a game world where I can do a mission however I want to.


I also want to use this blog to highlight the beautiful fan-made concept art for a future AC set in 19th Century Japan – from artist Vin Hill.

Take a look at a full gallery here.

Although Ubisoft have long said that they have no intention of making a Japanese Assassins Creed game, it’s long been a firm favourite of the community. These concept drawings are beautiful and take me way back to an old favourite PS2 game Way of the Samurai.

If not Japan next, then you can only wonder where else they can take the series. A late 19th Century offering might make sense. Hopefully Ubisoft will have learnt from AC III and avoid the American Civil War as a setting. That’s not to say it isn’t worthy of a video game; just not an Assassin’s Creed video game.

I’ll just keep hoping for some open world freedom to come back to the series to make it the fantastic game I’d love it to be.

Where do you want/think the AC series will go next?


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