Salad Saturday Screenshot [18]

This week I’m going back to an old old favourite, Guild Wars 2.


The last screenshot I took on GW2, now well over a year ago. How time flies!

I wanted to share my last screenshot because it’s also a timely reminder. With the GW2 expansion around the corner (that one that they promised they’d never do!) I’ve been mulling over whether it would be enough to drag me back.

Not that they’ve released that many details, or even the price, of the Heart of Thorns expansion yet, but there just simply isn’t anywhere near enough to bring me back to GW2. I potentially have the time in my evening schedule after work to fit GW2 in if I really wanted to, it’s not that. I’ve just lost touch with GW2 it’s been that long.

Its a nice feeling to look back at the screenshots of all the good times I had on the game, with a really great group of people. I met some fantastic gaming friends through GW2. None of them play it any more though, and as much as I enjoy looking back at the game; that’s a world apart from enjoying playing it again – learning the revolutionised stat system from scratch and all the associated rubbish of re-specialising your equipment attunements, etc, etc.

I look back at Ingelix, my little Asuran warrior in the picture above, fondly. She was probably nearing the 10th warrior I created in the game, and the only one to ever make it past level 10. I never got on well with warriors before Ingelix, but I took her all the way to top level 80. It was my last level 80 I reached on the game before I stopped playing, and it wasn’t that long at all after I reached it that I stopped. I reached top level on every class but a Thief (never could get used to how they played) and I feel dearly for each and every one of them. I have the screenshots to remember them as they were – but they don’t belong in the GW2 of today. Here’s to the happy memories of the old Salad crew of GW2.

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Salad Saturday Screen [2]

I made a promise of a new weekly feature and I totally intend to keep up with it. If I skip one its probably just because I forget, so a friendly reminder is probably always good! Without further ado though, this week’s screenshot.


An old screenshot from Guild Wars 2 this week.

It’s been quite a while since I last played Guild Wars 2, and as yet no updates have piqued my interest enough to pull me back. This screenshot was one of the last dozen or so before I stopped playing the game.

I title it “success” – only somewhat ironically.

The result of a failed attempt to retake Lion’s Arch during the Battle for Lion’s Arch living story released back in March (how time flies!). This screenshot brings back both the good and the bad of Guild Wars 2.

There’s the good of playing with friends in a big epic battle to defend the city of Lion’s Arch.

Then there’s failing because coordination was never good between players on Guild Wars 2.

Most of all though, there’s the memory of LAAAAAAAG. Guild Wars 2 was certainly never a very well optomised game; and with the amount of big flashy effects in a big battle, you’re lucky to be getting even a couple of frames per second. It’s probably the main reason coordination was a bit of a problem at times to be honest.

That’s it for this week’s Salad Saturday Screen – be sure to check next week’s!

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