Salad Saturday Screen [10]

I’m back, and so is the Saturday Screenshot! This week it’s Saints Row 4.

I choose this screenshot because I think it best represents the crazy, enjoyable, chaos of Saints Row 4.

That’s me driving a stolen armoured car, with CakeBoxFox covering me from the passenger window. She’s not covering me with any old weapon though – she’s using the pretty much pointless but awesome in every other way – Dubstep gun.

We’ve been having great fun playing SR4 co-op. Every mission has been special, and whilst we both have our favourites and lesser favourites of the side activities it’s actually still been enjoyable to do the one’s we’re not so fond of. They did a really good job making SR4 pure fun.

We’re very near the end of the game now, its been well paced and it feels like its coming to a conclusion at just the right time. It’s not overdone anything, and once we’ve done the last couple of missions we’ll be at pretty much 100% completion. We’ll have fond memories of this crazy game.

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Returning with a catch-up

I’ve been away from blogging for nearly a month now – sorry! I’ve had stuff to blog about, more than usual really, I’ve just not been motivated to sit down and write. Bloggers-block maybe? I’m a bad person, but I hope to keep going now that I’ve started again.


First big update is that I have a new PC. A new PC that can handle all the games I want to on presentable graphics without major lag!!!

This is awesome news, although at the same time I have been going through a bit of a transition with my gaming habits, so I’ve not quite settled in to the new PC yet.

Playing Planetside 2 with friends, on graphics that don’t look like a orginal Xbox game, without lag is pretty novel.

Guild Wars 2

Biggest news since I’ve been away is that Guild Wars 2 – the game that “will probably never do an expansion” – is getting an expansion.

I’ve not played GW2 in months now, it totally lost any draw for me. I had loads to do – I hadn’t even technically finished the story although I had done all the missions at some point or another. It totally lost me, and everyone I know who played it as well bar a few.

Heart Of Thorns is coming up sometime relatively soon after the announcement a week ago.

Immediately I thought, it’s a tall order to get me back on to GW2. A quick look at some of the new changes didn’t seem to answer my fears well either. Even the big changes that went down positively with the community didn’t make me want to go back – it’s way too late getting on for 3 years after release.

After some time thinking about it, I really want to go back to GW2 and I want Heart Of Thorns to bring me back, but I just don’t know if it can when I’ve been away from the game for getting on for 1/3 of it’s life span so far. I’ll see what comes out closer to release date on that one.

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My gaming generally is in a bit of a transition phase. I can play loads of games that I’ve always wanted to now with the new PC, but a lot just aren’t all that exciting once I do play them. Maybe I’ve waited too long to play them?

I still play a relatively small group of games that I’ve always played. Although, I have recently been enjoying Red Orchestra 2 and it’s twin Rising Storm. I realised I probably need to tone down how much I play that though when I ranked highest in a match – a good sign I’m getting a little too in to it even if that was a lucky fluke that time.

Other new gaming is Saints Row 4, which I’ve been playing with CakeBoxFox co-op. We love co-op games, and SR4 really delivers, and is a really fun game to boot. It’s not a great game, but a fun and silly one.

Saints Row divides gamers. I, like most of the SR fanbase, think that SR2 was the pinnacle so far. SR3 was my first ever pre-order and it disappointed me massively. I sold it on after racing through it out of duty. Now that we’ve hit on SR4 on our co-op questing, I think I understand what they were doing with SR3 and 4 more.

I appreciate the silliness, way over emphasised at times, and the tongue in cheek comedy of it all. Too many games are too serious, and I now realise I like SR4 and 3 now because I want an escape when I game – want to be silly and have fun.

Here’s CakeBoxFox and I messing about on SR4:

That’s it for the update now though, I don’t want to swamp with too much in one big block. I hope to be updating again soon, and hopefully about more than just gaming!

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